Nomidio OpenID
Simple. Scalable. Passwordless

Identity services are a key component of a Zero Trust architecture. Covid-19 has forced the need to digitize and as a community we have to provide the tools for remote workers and consumers to be securely authenticated.  

Nomidio OpenID is based on industry standards and may be easily integrated into your environment, whether across your network dovetailing into your existing Identity and Access Management system or on a use case basis such as access to highly secure data.

Delivered as a service from the cloud, Nomidio OpenID can be deployed and live in less than an hour.

No hardware. No complex systems integration. No high ongoing costs of ownership.

Nomidio OpenID

Nomidio OpenID makes use of the popular 0Auth 2.0 protocol to provide an identity layer via the OpenID connect standard, used by the vast majority of cloud service providers and websites.


Certification means that website owners can now easily allow users to swap passwords and two-factor authentication for a simple and secure biometric log-on experience with Nomidio OpenID.

Cloud Service Providers

Nomidio OpenID streamlines the log-on experience for employees by removing the need for complex password policies and third-party multi-factor authentication services.
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Why Nomidio OpenID

Business Benefits

Password Free

Password free biometric multi factor authentication – Nomidio OpenID provides a clean, low friction user experience for consumer and corporate users alike.

Browser based

Browser based, it has zero footprint removing cost and complexity of identifying individuals in the digital world

No propagation of PII

PII is held in the Nomidio cloud, removing the risk of propagating data, and any authentication challenges are made by pointing and consuming the service.

Technology Features

Served through AWS

Served through AWS, Nomidio OpenID is consumption based, easy to configure and deploy.

Biometric MFA

Users logging on with Nomidio benefit from silent multi-factor authentication including a private key held within a web browser, a unique device ID as well as the user’s biometric face and voice prints.

Enhanced Challenge

Nomidio OpenID provides the option to add additional security challenges for high risk access / approvals.

Open Standards

Open Standards enable Access Management systems to call on the Nomidio OpenID service for authentication

OpenID Functional Diagram

openid diagram

Watch our Nomidio OpenID demo with Salesforce